2015 Arts and Sciences Summer Scholars​

Dr. Seth Ashman, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Engineering-Physics-Systems
“Measuring the Hyperfine Structure of Alkali Atoms at PC, and Fostering a Collaborative Research Relationship with Wesleyan University”
Dr. Ashman will spend the summer recording rubidium measurements and working with spectroscopic equipment to develop a deeper understanding of laser systems.

Dr. Eliane Boucher, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Psychology
“Priming Causal Uncertainty with Real-Life Scenarios”
Dr. Boucher will carry out four studies on causal uncertainty (CU), testing priming methods and the relationship between people’s CU beliefs and social events.

Dr. Cyrielle Faivre, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Studies, French
“From Vidocq to Dreyfus: Depictions of the Convict and of Penal Colonies in 19th-Century French Fiction and Testimonies”
Through the analysis of 19th-century French literature and art, as well as the testimonies of ex-convicts, Dr. Faivre will investigate the public depictions of convicts in French culture.

Dr. Colin Guthrie King, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
“German Aristotelianism in the 19th Century”
Dr. King will be traveling to Germany to work on a number of publications that examine the role of Aristotle’s theory of categories in German philosophy, metaphysics, and logic.