School of Arts & Sciences

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School of Arts & Sciences

The Providence College School of Arts & Sciences is committed to fostering academic excellence through undergraduate and graduate studies in a broad range of academic areas in the fine arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. As the home of these academic programs, the School of Arts & Sciences is central to Providence College’s mission and identity as a liberal arts institution.

Why the Liberal Arts?

A degree in the liberal arts is valuable preparation for the workforce. The Association of American Colleges & Universities has prepared a report detailing the value employers see in a background in the liberal arts, as preparation for both entry-level positions and future career advancement.

This edition of Providence College Magazine highlights five successful alumni whose career paths have been shaped by PC’s liberal arts education. In addition, PC’s Dr. Vance Morgan writes a passionate essay about the benefits of the liberal arts.

PC Arts & Sciences By the Numbers


of 2020 graduates were employed or attending school within six months of graduation.


of 2020 graduates participated in at least one internship or career appropriate experience as an undergraduate.


Providence College has been ranked #1 in the U.S. News & World Report’s “Regional Universities North” category for 4 of the last 5 years.