Faculty Research- Travel and Resources


The School of Arts & Sciences endeavors to support faculty scholarship and has a limited budget for faculty development purposes.  The School funds travel—research trips and attendance at conferences (not covered by Academic Affairs)—as well as other needs to advance scholarship, such as editing and transcription services, copyright costs, etc.

There is no due date, but each request will be considered in the dean’s office on a rolling basis.

All funding requests should include the following:

  • Description and dates
    • Description with rationale as to how funding requested will advance scholarship.  If travel to a conference is being requested, link to website and relevance of conference.
  • Estimated expenses (follow the PC Academic Affairs guidelines for travel).
  • Other sources of funding for request.

The funding request form should be sent to the School of Arts & Sciences at pcsas@providence.edu.  Please note that not all requests can be funded and that partial funding may be provided.

If funding is approved, faculty should submit a reimbursement request within two weeks with original receipts (no photocopies or pictures) to the School of Arts & Sciences. Along with this information, please include your Banner ID and the address where you would like your reimbursement check to be sent.

Within two weeks after funds have been disbursed, faculty are required to submit a brief (1-2 page) report that summarizes the impact of the funding on scholarship.  This may be emailed to pcsas@providence.edu.

For further information, please contact Lori Post, Administrative Coordinator, at lpost@providence.edu.

Check out the first part of an interview with Kris Monahan, senior director of PC’s Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance office, to learn more about how faculty can utilize their resources.