Arts & Sciences Advisory Council

The Arts & Sciences Advisory Council was formed in 2010-11. This group of faculty works with the Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences to plan initiatives for the School. Tenured faculty members from across the disciplines in the School, at various stages of their academic careers, serve on the Council. The Council consists of nine members in addition to the Dean. Members serve up to a three-year term on a rotating basis to broaden participation and ensure fresh perspectives.

The Council has been invaluable to the School as a resource to evaluate ideas and provide suggestions. To date, the Council has helped to develop proposals for the assistant chair pilot program, now well established, and the Summer Scholar Program, which has provided funding for faculty members to focus on their scholarship. Among its many initiatives, the group helped to plan and carry out the first meeting open to all School of Arts & Sciences faculty, held in February 2013; results from that meeting are now driving planning initiatives for the School. Every proposal brought to the Advisory Council has been immeasurably improved with their input.